How To Effortlessly Rewrite The Subconscious Programs That Control Most Of Your Thoughts And Actions

So You Can Finally Have A More Successful, Fulfilling And Stress-Free Life!

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95% Of Your Life Is Being Controlled By
Your Subconscious Mind

Whether you believe it or not, almost everything in your life is controlled by a powerful system called the subconscious mind.

Not just a system that controls your behaviors, but it also acts as a huge data bank that stores a lot of things, which aren’t in your conscious mind. 
Yes, I'm talking about...
  • Your beliefs
  • Your previous experiences
  • Your memories – good and bad
  • ​​And all the skills you’ve learned, including simple skills like reading and writing

That's not all!

Your subconscious mind also acts as your guidance system. 

It’s like that voice in a GPS navigation that tells you where to turn left, where to turn right, and how long until you’ve arrived in your destination. 

That’s right. It continuously monitors every second of your life, and most of the time, your subconscious mind is the one that decides what you’re doing in your life. 

So, if you’ve always wanted to become a great speaker, but you always failed to raise your confidence to speak in front of thousands of audiences, it is your subconscious mind that tells you “you’re not good enough to do this.” 

If you’ve always wanted to become a successful business owner but you can’t convince yourself to get started, it is the result of limiting beliefs that are stored in your subconscious mind. 

Yes, my friend…  

The results and outcomes you get in your life are basically nothing but a printout of your subconscious programming. 

You see, a lot of books and courses are packed with techniques and strategies to achieve the goals you want to achieve… as if techniques and strategies alone are enough to make any real life-changing progress. 

Just think about all those books and courses you’ve purchased but never done anything for you.

How Binaural Beats Can Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
And Create New Thought Patterns

Binaural beats are a form of sound wave therapy and the way they work is quite simple.
You listen to Binaural Beats using headphones, and in each ear you receive a sound at a slightly different frequency (often accompanied by some relaxing background sounds).

If your left ear receives a 300-hertz tone and your right ear receives a 290-hertz tone, your brain will process and absorb a 10-hertz tone. Our brain consists of 5 different types of brain waves; Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma brain waves. Each of these brain waves has a normal frequency range in which they operate.

Binaural Beats will communicate with your brain in all these five levels of brain waves to be able to completely rewire your brain.

Don’t worry… If all this sounds complicated, it’s actually far easier than you may think.
Basically, anybody can reprogram their subconscious minds with binaural beats if they do meet these two requirements…
  • Have access to a pair of stereo headphones
  • Can spare 30 minutes a day to listen to the binaural beats
If you meet these two simple requirements and you’re interested to reprogram your subconscious mind for a happier, more successful, and more fulfilling life, let me introduce you to…

Zennitude Binaural Beats Meditation Program

Zennitude is the only Binaural Beats Meditation Program you will ever need. 

Inside, you will find over 120 hours of relaxing music filled with specific frequencies to help you manage anxiety, fight stress, and help you become healthier through better life choices. 

The benefits are endless and require only a daily 30 minutes of easy practice! 

Zennitude is comprised of 15 levels, each containing 4 sub-levels of 30 minutes each. However, each sub-level is offered in 4 variations to make sure your brain doesn't get used to the same sound ambiance. 

Each level has a unique carrier frequency (the main frequency used in each level), and each sub-level brings you deeper into your meditation as their frequencies are getting lower and lower. 

Unlike other programs that provide you with hundreds of binaural beats at once, The Zennitude Binaural Beats Meditation Program is delivered to you in phases. 

There’s a very good reason why we do this.

You see, as stated, each level has its unique carrier frequency. But as you advance in your meditation, the carrier frequencies are getting lower and lower. Same goes with the sub-levels. It wouldn’t be dangerous for you to start with the last levels of Zennitude, however it would bring resistance from within which in turn would impede your results and success.  

Instead, we want to make this program act as a guide that helps you take one step closer to the better life you want, by continue listening to the binaural beats we’ve created every single day. 

Zennitude is designed to take at least 4 years to reach the last level IF you do your daily 30 minutes meditation practice.
"If you like to zone out and listen to the sounds of nature, calmness and zen, then this hits the spot. If you want to reduce stress, then I would recommend this."

- John M.
"This is by far the best collection for meditation and over all well being! I highly recommend it to everyone. It helps me to gain clarity, calmness and serenity. I feel re-energized and grounded every time I listen to it and so will you."

- Domenica C.
"It helped me calm my mind, reduce racing thoughts, minimize the effects of stress and anxiety, and get back to sleep and resolve insomnia. Thank you!"

- Shadan M.

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As a bonus, you will also be able to download the "No More Sleepless Nights" guided meditation track. 

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